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Research group Systems Science

The research group works on the analysis, modeling, and simulation of dynamical systems. Our focus is on environmental and ecological systems, and we take an interdisciplinary approach, using formal methods rooted in systems science.

Current research areas include:

  • Mathematical population dynamics and ecology
  • Mathematical epidemiology
  • Spatio-temporal pattern formation in the spread of infectious diseases and biological invasions
  • Models of coupled social-ecological and ecological-economic systems
  • Critical transitions (tipping points) in complex systems and early-warning indicators
  • Contamination of the aquatic environment by pharmaceuticals
  • Modeling the fate and behavior of chemical substances in surface waters
  • Microplastics in the environment
  • Global mapping of current hydropower development
  • Atmospheric response to substorm variability, in particular the substorm triggered particle precipitation into the atmosphere
  • Theory and computer simulation of self-organization in nonlinear biological, ecological, chemical, and physical systems far from equilibrium



Prof. Dr. Karin Frank
Prof. Dr. Frank Hilker
Prof. Dr. Andreas Huth
Dr. Andreas Focks

Research Assistants

Dr. Jürgen Berlekamp (assoziiert)
Katrin Ellerbrake
Sarah Falk
Dr. Jörg Klasmeier
Volker Lämmchen
Friedemann Liebaug
Gunnar Niebaum
Franziska Ossenbrink
Ann-Katrin Reuwer
Raissa Ulbrich
Caroline van Bers
Irina Vortkamp


Claudia Neve