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Mathematical Research in Osnabrück

Mathematics at the University of Osnabrück is divided into five research fields, i.e. the working groups ‘Algebra and Discrete Mathematics’, ‘Applied Analysis’ , ‘Stochastics’, Mathematics Education' and ‘Topology and Geometry’, which are all internationally well established. This is supported by publications in leading mathematical journals, organisation of international conferences, activities in editing, book publications, a high publication frequency and promotion of scientific offspring. There are research co-operations with Ann Arbor, Genoa, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Princeton, Sheffield, Singapore, Stanford, and Vienna.

 The working groups of the Mathematics Institute together with the working group 'Combinatorial Optimisation'  of the Institute for Computer Science were mutually successful in gaining the DFG-research training school ‘Combinatorial Structures in Geometry', which includes eight PhD fellowship positions and the employment of two post-docs. There are several third party funded projects in process, which are, for example, financed by the DFG, the DAAD, the Helmholtz-Association, and the Humboldt-Foundation.